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Hey guys, I received an S&T FT offer from a pretty respected bank in the industry. The offer expires in 3 weeks so I was wondering how to go about leveraging it to other firms. I have no problem going back and working for this firm FT but I want to explore my options and see what's available. Essentially, there's no way I would let this offer expire but 3 weeks isn't a lot of time to reach out, secure an interview, and hear back. What should I do? Thanks

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Aug 5, 2019 - 2:50pm

The bank is considered MM in the US but Top 2 in EU (probably #1 tbh). With trading floor headcount diminishing across the industry, is it safer to try to lateral to a BB whose HQ is in the US (ex. GS, Citi, JPM). Would I have better exit opps (HF) if I lateraled to these banks rather than staying at my current one and doing a great job?

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