[London RE] career advice needed

Hi monkeys, hoping somebody from UK/London market could help out.

Bit of background:

Went to a non-target for finance (pretty strong for politics & law (top 25 ish)), 2.1 law degree, graduated in 2019. Didn't secure any IB internships during the degree, even though sent out hundreds of apps during the 3 years. Networked my butt off after 2nd year and landed an internship in a no-name, super hush hush family office (Im not even allowed to disclose the family name) focusing on RE, which I managed to convert to full time after graduation. Everything was going great pre-covid, but once the first lockdown hit, it all stopped- haven't closed a single deal since (spent the lockdown working on my modelling skills, learnt how to model most asset classes, waterfalls etc from scratch AND more importantly got a pretty solid KD in warzone ;) ).

So far, I've got two deals under my belt (~50m each and one pending). Been trying to jump ship for exactly a year now with no luck- interviewed with 5-6 debt/equity funds, made it to final round with all of them and even though the feedback was great, they'd either go with other candidates who have more deals under their belt or scrap the position all together. 

I've so far developed a pretty solid relationship with one of the smaller recruiters, but they only seem to get 1-2 analyst/associate roles per quarter. From personal experience, bigger/more established recruiters won't even engage and one guy from gold group flat out told me that for acquisition roles he only talks to candidates with oxbridge-> BB backgrounds

Now, what I could use some help with:

What would be the best approach to line more interviews up? Does cold emailing/ LinkedIn work in London? At this point i'm not aiming at BX or any other top shops, looking for smaller equity/debt/bridging funds or developers who aren't that focused on prestige. However, even the smaller shops seem to be going through Dartmouth partners etc, without a dedicated careers page on their sites.

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