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Hey Squad,

Interested what the sentiment on analysts having long hair is. I usually have a fairly proper haircut, kind of a flow with an off center part, but have no intention of getting a haircut through quarantine, which my firm said will likely go to at least Labor Day. Now, I have voluptuous long black hair, the back of which easily rests on my shoulders and the front goes down to below my mouth if I pull it forward (not part of the look lol), and I'm kind of down with this look, and want to see it get a bit longer. I had a similar look in high school, as I liked the hair coming out of my football helmet like NFL players. I like the longer flow look, and friends I zoom with say it looked good (surprisingly one [1] even said hot, so +1 SB irl to her).

Basically, does this have to go when its time for back to work? If so, it was a fun experiment. If not, how is it perceived and how are you expected to maintain it?

Thanks! I apologize if this has already been discussed elsewhere.

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Jun 5, 2020 - 8:38pm

Are you me? I have the exact same hair. I've had it since high school. I'm not in banking but I still do have to look presentable. What I've figured out over the years is a way to look presentable while still having that flow. So, I do a number of things to manage my hair.

To look presentable, I usually go for the sleek center part look.

Kinda like this for people with thick hair.
Sleek Center Part Man

For thinner haired people, like this, but for men...
Sleek center part

There are 3 key aspects - "tame", "shape", and "maintain". Idk if your hair is more on the curly side, but I think the same methodologies apply.


1) Use a conditioner. But don't use it everyday as it'll make your hair too soft. If you use it long enough, then your hair will become more "malleable". You''ll be able to shape it in ways you want it to.

2) Brush that hair. After showering, brush your hair in a way you want it to look like. Continue doing this everyday until your hair stays that way. It might take couple months, but it will eventually work.


1) Don't go crazy with the side burns. Keep'em short.

2) Don't let your hair cover your ears.

3) Avoid fluffy hair.

4) Do get a haircut 3~4 times a year. When you do, shave off the back of your hair and leave the front part long. Almost like that 1920's look.
Like this


1) Your hair is gonna start falling like crazy. Get yourself a hair serum. Don't give a f*** what your GF or guy friends tell you. It ain't that gay.

2) If you notice your hair starting to deviate away from the "look". Start conditioning & brushing again.

Jun 19, 2020 - 3:09pm

Wow, thank you! I was happy to see someone answered my post--this was super helpful. Appreciate it. I currently have a look similar to the first one but my hair is a little longer than Bateman's. I do need to get it cleaned up though because the back is out of control.

For hair serum, what do you recommend? I was actually starting to talk to friends about this. I'm not really losing hair but want to be informed for when the time comes and you seem to know what you're talking about.

Jun 20, 2020 - 9:36pm
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