LSE & IBD vs private tutoring?

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Hi guys,

I currently have an offer to join LSE's 2-year MiM. I will be trying to land a BB summer internship in London next summer, however I am unsure of whether to attend LSE or not.

I am currently a full time private economics and maths tutor in London and I make approximately 6k a month on avg teaching around 5 hours a day. Teaching is my biggest passion and nothing makes me as happy. Breaking into investment banking would mean making 75k pre-tax if and when i become an associate (after attending LSE for two years..i'd be around 28). Is it really worth it? Alternatively, I could keep on teaching and make keep on making 75k pre-tax as of right now, not to mention the 50k I would save (LSE's 2-year tuition fee). Advice on what I should pursue? I am really confused!

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Aug 28, 2017