M7 Chances

Wanted to do one of these to get an idea of my chances at my top picks and to determine how many more schools I should apply to

Other: White Male, applying Round 1 of 2018 (matriculate 2019)

Undergrad: Top 4 Canadian undergrad (not sure how much this hurts me), 3.65 GPA in Finance, Solid ECs during school

GMAT: 760

WE: 2 years Bulge Bracket Equity Research, 3 upon matriculation

Rec: Expected to be solid

Post MBA: L/S Hedge Fund ideally, will also recruit for large Asset Managers (e.g. Fidelity or Blackrock)
(haven't heard of too many ERAs doing their MBA and then joining a hedge fund - how are they perceived by funds compared to investment bankers looking to make the switch?)

Target Schools: Currently plan on applying to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, and Booth. I feel like I have a decent chance with the latter 3, and would like to know if I stand a chance for HBS (would rather attend for the prestige, of course, but also because I think I'd have a better shot at a well-rounded school vs. one where everyone is going for finance)

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Apr 30, 2018

Hi MikeHawk,

Your work experience is on the low side, but it's not so low as to knock you out automatically, as long as you can show growth and impact. Also consider NYU Stern and Yale SOM .

You definitely have a chance at HBS, but better at the other programs, especially Booth.


Linda Abraham
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Apr 30, 2018

Kate Richardson
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