M7 chances

-320 GRE (159q 161v) - will most likely retake 
-3.5 lib arts degree from H/Y/S/P and played sports 

-non diversity 
-2 years selling enterprise SaaS top performer grew ARR from 50m to 200m and 2 years of corporate development at the same company and 3 acquisitions done (now public) 

-Career goal is to become a VC/growth investor 

-Clubs/philan all good not great in college and currently 

-I believe the top part of M7 are reaches with a few in the group falling squarely in my strike zone. Darden? Cornell? Would love any help/insight/advice - thanks! 

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Sep 29, 2021 - 9:59pm

Prestigious undergrad. Good GPA. Good work experience. goals can be outlined if you have a good story.

I only see one bad thing. GRE. GRE to gmat cannot be easily converted since they are not the same tests. But ETS does provide a GRE to GMAT conversion scale. 159Q 161V falls at 640 GMAT with a straight conversion. That is a lower score than even the top 30 B-schools. But once again - you cannot directly convert them. GRE scores in the in the upper 320s are really valued. You need to aim to get the GRE a tad bit higher to have a shot at M7

Average GREs:

Kellogg - 327

Booth - 324 - 17% reported GRE scores

MIT - 158-169 Quant 80% and 157-168 Verbal 80%

Wharton - 162Q-162V - 324

Harvard - 163V-164Q - 327 - 29% reported GRE

Stanford - 165Q-165V - 330

Once again - you have a good profile. Last thing I/anyone would want is for you to not make it due to a simple score that you can easily improve on. If you have time that you can dedicate - I will highly suggest retaking if possible. If not - Good luck!

Sep 29, 2021 - 10:10pm

I'd like to hope a lot of the reported mean scores are driven up by outliers! Thanks for the insight I'll take a couple more swings at it 

“How do you measure yourself against other golfers” “By height”
Oct 1, 2021 - 10:20am

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“How do you measure yourself against other golfers” “By height”
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