MACC add value to the recruitment process (if you have the time)?

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I work at a BB in a specialized large asset valuation group (vessels, aircraft, power plants, etc.). While the work is interesting since I get to do a lot of researching hard to value assets, I'm not doing a lot of financial analysis on the companies who want to buy/borrow against the assets (only looking at company/industry qualitative risks, besides the valuation work).

With plans to join a HF in 2-3 years, I've started some basic networking and am studying for the CFA L2 in June. My job isn't too intensive, so I have a lot of extra time outside of work. That said, would working toward a MACC be worth it? I'm an engineering undergrad, so I'm just trying to ensure that I create a "full package" for a deep value-oriented fund. I love to learn and know the extra accounting would be immensely helpful, but I'm still trying to decide if it would even be worth it. If I did go for it, it'd have to be online, if that matters (like one offered thru UCONN). Otherwise, I could take just a few online accounting courses, but I wanted something (like MACC) on my resume to sound more official and help set me apart.

Anyone have any insight on this or specifically interviewed people with these kind of credentials?

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whatwhatwhat wrote:


Because it doesn't add much value? Fund managers just don't care? It doesn't make sense to spend time working on it?

HFer_wannabe wrote:


Because it doesn't add much value? Fund managers just don't care? It doesn't make sense to spend time working on it?

All three, yea. While you have to know accounting well you don't need to be an expert on the ins and outs. If your'e trying to get to a value fund why not spend your time learning how to invest? Start a PA, do some reading, put some models together. Doesn't really make sense to pursue an obscure degree over practicing what you actually want to do.


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