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Hey Folks,

I've just completed a Spring Insight (London) at Macquarie and been fast tracked to a super-day in May for their Infrastructure Debt Group (MIDIS). I found the work and the team super interesting and well-rounded. However my question is how to prepare for such a niche group. Is there some readings/books/models in particular I should look up? What concepts should I familiarise myself with and which website/resources would be a good start.

Moreover I find International Development / Infra PE as my end goal but would love to dally in traditional finance too. I was also at the Lazard Spring insight and am likelly to get a superday from them too. As this is for a SA 2020 position which one would you guys go for.

Thanks for your time and advice!

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Apr 25, 2019


Apr 25, 2019

Go for both. Turn down interviews, not offers.

For SA 2020, having almost any knowledge of infra in general or debt in general (in addition to the standard IB interview knowledge) will be looked on favorably in my opinion - don't worry about prepping for infra debt, just try to read up on trends in the infrastructure space - I'm sure Macquarie puts out a lot of white papers or research reports you can find.

Apr 26, 2019

Cheers mate, yeah got final rounds for both in the coming week now for Laz SA 2020 and Macquarie Infra SA 2020. Good shout on the white papers , will check them out.

Apr 26, 2019