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Feb 1, 2017

I am also wondering the same thing. They label themselves as part of the financial services industry and the OP is right about their website being pretty sparse with information. I have a scheduled phone screening for a Research Analyst Internship in the next few days. I will make sure to ask questions good and post what I find here for anyone else interested.

May 26, 2017

Hey McD-2018-I was just looking at this group. What did they tell you about the firm during your phone screening?

Feb 18, 2017


Oct 6, 2017

Also wondering if anyone has info on interview process for Magellan/other insight?

Oct 31, 2017


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Nov 13, 2017

Bump. I have a phone interview with them this week. Hoping to find out some more info.

Dec 15, 2017

I cancelled my in person interview with them before I read this for a number of reasons. I'll explain why for people looking them up in the future.

The interviewer in the first round interview seemed like he failed his side of the interview. He explained his past working in the IB industry in China, so I asked him to explain the pros and cons of that vs the associate job he has now at Megallan. He couldn't shut up about work/life balance. If the main thing you have to say about 1 job over another is that you have more time at home, you're selling it wrong. I understand that might be his real reasoning and he was being honest, but as the first contact to that company it was poorly answered. Make up something about working with people and understanding an industry. The final thing that bothered me was when it was my turn to ask questions I asked about what you wrote about. There has been countless legal battles with the SEC over the legality of the "industry". Once again if someone wants to join your company or is thinking about it, you have to have a better answer than the one he provided. He said that it was a real issue and something they avoid by training a lot with compliance. So I took it as once training is done they did their job. Is their constant monitoring? And checks on employees already there? What happens if IT hits the fan? Every company in the world trains in compliance, what do you do that makes you more secure in this "industry" that is based on information selling?

I was selected for a 2nd interview in NYC and was told that the entire process could be finished then. The recruiter I had been working with at Russell Tobin, informed me in the 2nd week of November they wanted me to prepare some sort of presentation or case study as well. I scheduled the interview for the first week of December. I asked my recruiter constantly about what the presentation had to be, and up until a week out she said they wouldn't tell her. They only told her that they only expect me to prepare for 2 hours beforehand. So were they going to send me what they wanted while I was on the plane to NYC? or was I supposed to prepare the presentation in the Cab/train/subway from the airport? If you want quality candidates to look good, you have to let them prepare.... What if i had to learn an entirely new concept or research something to even start preparing? I understand the point might be to see how they handle the pressure under a time constraint, but I think it was handled poorly.

It came down to 2 jobs for me. An asset management firm in my hometown and this megallan job. I had my 2nd interview with the local place a week before my scheduled trip to NYC. I had the choice between a great company in my hometown(I'm not the biggest fan of) and a poor company in NYC(dream city). As i kept thinking, I would do the Magellan job for NYC, and i was already thinking of out strategies(even asked about it on another thread lol). So I believed in myself, #TrustTheProcess, cancelled my interview with Magellan, and went all in on the local AM firm. Now the week after what would've been my 2nd interview at Magellan, I was offered the AM job in my hometown. Maybe the phone interview with Magellan made me better at interviews, Maybe I found out about what I want in life(a job i am proud of), Maybe It was luck, but what I know now for sure is that cancelling that interview was the right move. Saved me $250 on a flight to NYC too.

Jul 19, 2018


Sep 19, 2018

bump...anyone else

Jan 9, 2019