Mark Meldrum - CFA Level 1

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Anyone familiar with the Mark Meldrum, PhD CFA study suite? How'd you like it? Sitting for L1 in June and am looking for a good study suite that isn't over $1,000. Is a study aide even necessary for L1 or could I use the eBook provided by the CFA Institute?

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Jan 3, 2019

His free videos on youtube and the CFAI materials should be fine, especially if you have an educational background in accounting or finance.

Jan 3, 2019

Used him some on level 1 (through YT videos and in addition to the SchweserNotes) for topics I was struggling with and thought he was helpful. Actually going to use him for level 2 and forgo using SchweserNotes, since the material is more difficult and having a teacher helps me visualize some of the abstract theories.

Jan 3, 2019