Hey guys, just wanted to tell you about a new trading educational platform called MarketTamer.com. I know the president of the program through Wharton and he has put in a lot of time and effort to make this a top-notch training experience...they also offer some lessons for free if you want to check it out before committing. I gave the free lessons a look and they are definitely a good refresher on the different trading strategies and basics on stock & options trading. You can learn more in the press release below:

Taming The Market

A shockingly simple yet amazingly powerful concept has been ignored by major hedge funds, mutual funds, and retail traders alike. On their quest to outperform the market, Wall Street's best often get sucked into a single style of investing or trading: long only, long/short, distressed, diversified and the list goes on. They use a single approach to exploit a changing market. And often a single approach works - for a while. Bill Miller of Legg Mason was regarded as one of the stars on Wall Street until his portfolio suffered substantial losses during the crisis of 2008. Victor Niederhoffer was once acclaimed as the number one hedge fund investor in the world until his fund blew up. And in the past year countless others have fallen by the wayside as fixed investing approaches failed the test of durability. Many of these failures can be attributed to the oversight of the simple concept of dynamic strategy adjustment.

Think about dynamic strategy adjustment this way. The markets are constantly changing and so picking a single approach, say long only, is by definition structured to miss opportunities. Why? Because long only investors will never profit from corrections. Sure these investors might argue that they can buy at lower prices after corrections take place but they don't profit from the decline itself. Knowing that the market moves up AND down, why would anyone limit themselves to a single investing approach? It doesn't seem to make much logical sense yet many of the brightest minds on Wall Street stuck avidly to this philsophy and, to their peril, suffered in the past year or so. In reality, the practice of adjusting to market conditions can prove immensely rewarding.

In 2008, the market saw its greatest collection of volatile days, whipsaws, substantial moves and perilous drops. The only way to survive such a market is to master a system of trading that adapts to market conditions according to Gareth Feighery, President of www.MarketTamer.com. Trading today requires knowing how to adapt to changing market conditions. It means knowing how to fix trades that go wrong. Adapting to the market is possible through the use of options and mastery of strategy adjustments is the specialty of the team at www.MarketTamer.com. "We pride ourselves on delivering the very best education in the industry, five star customer service and providing our customers with a complete trading solution from start to finish" said Gareth Feighery. "We didn't thrive because we knew more than others during the crisis. We thrived because we knew how to turn losing trades into winning trades when the market went against us. That's the key to success".

The team at MarketTamer.com is fully dedicated to helping traders navigate these volatile times and offers free classes also. To discover why Gareth and his team are creating so much buzz for their pioneering approach, simply click on this link to www.MarketTamer.com

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