Master in Finance choice: Frankfurt School vs. St. Gallen vs. WHU Otto Beisheim

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Updated 14/06/2016

Hi all,

I have a tough decision to make, choose my Master in Finance program. This is an important choice IMO and since I want to work in IB I thought it would be useful to ask you guys who already made it for your experience and advice.

I am:

  • Croatian male (EU on paper, but still international in reality) with Croatian non-target degree (high GPA though)
  • 9 months of international M&A internship experience (UniCredit CEE team in Vienna)
  • student exchange at NUS in Singapore

I have:

  • offer from Bocconi Master in Finance (2-year)
  • offer from HEC Paris Master in International Finance (1-year)

I want to land an offer in IB primarily in London. So, I guess what matters to me is international reputation of the school and success in job placement in IB.

So, what are your thoughts on the programs? MSF at Bocconi or HEC Paris MIF?

Thank you!

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Apr 22, 2016

Placement in London: Bocconi > St.G> Frankfurt > WHU
But the German schools are obviously good for placements in Germany

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Apr 22, 2016

Pretty much this re London recruiting. If St gallen is significantly cheaper than bocconi take that offer.

Dec 25, 2016

Thanks for response. That was my idea as well.

Apr 23, 2016

Did a quick look on LinkedIn there, past school and BBs in London. St. Gallen places the best by a significant margin from St. Gallen, Frankfurt and WHU. That said. Bocconi blows them out of the water.

Bocconi - 682
St. Gallen - 151
WHU - 52
Frankfurt - 32

Important caveat: I didn't look at what the breakdown is across front office, middle office and back office or what divisions etc. The numbers do provide a good general indication though to compare school placement prospects. If you don't have native German, placement into Frankfurt shouldn't be a consideration.

Dec 25, 2016

If I went to either Bocconi or St. Gallen and considering my profile, do you think I would be well positioned to land interviews for IB summer internship in London between the first and second year of my studies?

Apr 23, 2016

Sure. Good grades from one of those schools and a relevant internship is enough. Just go to the networking events hosted by your school, do the online tests well and perform in the interviews/AC and you'll be fine.

FWIW, i don't speak any european languages and still got by in London recruiting.

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May 24, 2016

I know this thread is about a month old, but I would also reiterate St. Gallen. It's actually 3 semesters, so not a full 2 years. For international students, that comes out to ~12,000US. I would highly consider it.

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Dec 25, 2016

I agree, the program is top-quality and a good value for money. I decided not to pursue it out of some personal reasons though.

Dec 25, 2016

Hi guys, the Master's applications season went quite well for me in the end. Finally I received offers from Bocconi Master in Finance (2-year) and HEC Paris Master in International Finance (1-year), but the decision is not easy for me. I would appreciate if you guys have any insights on HEC Paris program and the school's reputation in London.

The program is ranked #1 pre-experience master in finance by Financial Times (as of 2015), but I am not comfortable basing my choice on the rankings. Some raw first-hand or second-hand experiences / advice would be of huge help. Thank you!

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Jun 14, 2016

Go to Bocconi, it places well and it's a two year program allowing you to do an internship which is the easiest way to get a full time offer in London.

Dec 25, 2016