MBA: Kellogg vs Stern?

Hi. I've been accepted to both of them finally. Booth and Columbia dinged me after interview . I've applied to Goizueta and McCombs as safeties and I haven't heard from them after interview yet but I'm going to cancel my apps.

So my main goal is investment banking but I'm open to consulting and tech. Location preferences: NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle in that order.

I'm a little worried about recruiting though. While Kellogg is a great MBA for tech and consulting, I've talked to students and alumni and they all said that if I wanted IB, I should reconsider because it's much like INSEAD aka a consulting powerhouse but it's very tempting plus I get to be close to my second favorite city.

Stern has mad IB placements! I checked their 2017 employment report. They have decent consulting and tech placements too but some say you'd have to hustle hard for that. Secondly, it limits me to NYC and essentially IB. Also some say it's brand is diluted now.

To be honest, my heart wants IB and I'm leaning towards NYC but the cons! So please help!!!

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Dec 21, 2017

How much of the social b-school experience are you looking to have? If you're looking for more of the social "two year vacation" style experience, I would go Kellogg all day. If you want to live in the city and live more of that lifestyle, I'd go Stern.

Dec 21, 2017

I'd love to be in Evanston but the IB palcement is what attracts me to Stern. I think I explained that in original post.

Dec 21, 2017

kellogg - you'll have no problem getting a top BB/EB from there and overall it's a higher prestige program with a better network

Dec 21, 2017

kellogg all day man. you'll get enough of the nyc experience post grad school and getting an IB associate gig is easy af there aren't very many qualified people who want those jobs, especially not at an m7 school

Dec 21, 2017

Thanks guys. I chose Kellogg!

Dec 22, 2017