How do you guys decide who to ask for letter of recommendations for MBA? My main concern with asking for prior bosses is that it has been a while now since I worked for them, so it might be harder for them to craft a passionate letter for me versus current bosses.

Also, how does it look to ask for letters from 2 people in the same group same firm?

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Once your recommender has agreed to write a letter for you, you should put together a page or two on things you'd like him/her to convey in her letter + examples to use. That way it's OK if they don't remember specific details (as you'll be providing them).

And assuming the 2 recommenders in the same group can talk about different aspects of you, I think it would be fine.

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will let you know how that turns out, I asked two guys I work for now to write my recs (both in the same firm/group)


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