MBB timeline for 2020 Recruiting

I'm currently seeing that applications are open at Bain and BCG for the 2020 application period. Is it necessary to apply now, when should you apply by to get full consideration, and when are they expected to have their US classes full by. Currently abroad for the summer, and wanted to be able to touch base with contacts in person before applying but unsure if I need to start moving on the application now.

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Jul 3, 2019

a) Decisions aren't rolling, so there's no advantage to applying earlier rather than later IN GENERAL.

b) MBB + OW have "early decision" application deadlines in August (I think) if you're very confident about your chances. If you get dinged here, you can't reapply for over a calendar year, so think carefully before doing this.

c) If you're like most people and don't have an immaculate resume/great internal connections, on-campus recruiting is the way to go. I went to a school on the quarter system and this was the approximate timeline:

  • Mid September: School starts and firm info sessions start
  • Early October: Resume drop deadlines
  • Mid October: First round interviews
  • Late October/Early November: Final round interviews and offers

The entire (highly unpleasant) process takes about a month.

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Jul 3, 2019

Wait for the Fall and follow the on-campus recruiting schedule. No need to apply now.


Jul 12, 2019

Just a heads up, I've been networking with Bain so you might want to start with that because they have this thing called "summer programming." I was invited to do interviews early if I choose (in August) and they are having a recruiting networking reception in the Chicago office on August 9th. Decided against the early interview just cause I want more time to prep and am considering other options, but regardless they still want to set up a call with one of their head recruiters. I still haven't officially applied, but you should prob start talking to people to get on their radar as you could possibly snag an early interview if that interests you

Jul 15, 2019

Is this for full time or internship?

Jul 15, 2019


Aug 13, 2019

Hey cool info. Could you explain a bit more about this early process/is it common among other firms or just Bain?

Aug 15, 2019

Can't provide any info on other firms cause mostly just looking at Bain rn, but I wouldn't be overly worried there were only like 30 people (10 for ACI and 20 for full time AC) at the recruiting event so you're definitely in good shape if you didn't get selected for this it was really for a very select group of people

Aug 13, 2019