Media unfairly labeling millenials?

To be honest, I hate the term millenial. Sure, we're more likely to job hop and wait longer to settle down than the previous generation, but does anyone feel that the media misrepresents our views? The mainstream media paints the typical millennial as someone who's liberal, feels entitled, cares deeply about diversity and inclusivity, and wants to work at companies that support causes. I couldn't care less about any of the above and sometimes wonder if the media thinks that those shouting the loudest represent the majority of our generation. I was curious if some of you agree.

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Aug 6, 2018

hey, at least we can say we didn't destroy the planet.

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  •  Aug 8, 2018

I agree. I'm what you might call a "millennial" (currently a college student) yet none of the media's descriptions of millennials aligns with my beliefs.

But seriously, stay away from the media (Bloomberg/NYTimes/MSNBC/etc)
I like to stick with a purely Axios, FT, and Economist diet. Wikipedia and a variety of forums for researching about current events.

Aug 8, 2018

I agree with michigan and OP. I don't think we are typical millenials though. A lot of millenials are really entitled and blame everything on everyone else apart from themselves, no responsibility. This is every generation I guess but it pains me because I see it the most. This is more of a Macro view but since we've had a few generations since a major conflict in the Western World on our door step (ie WWII) We have started to get more weird and depressed as a society. Not saying for a massive war but something has got to change because I don't like the path we are on.

Aug 8, 2018

i think social media and the internet is partially to blame.
Many people post pictures of their best moments on SM....and after scrolling thru insta and FB on a daily basis, youunger people (millennials) subconsciously compare their own life to those pictures...and think "i deserve that too". This cascades into a set of beliefs and actions that makes the older generation think "wow, these young people sure are entitled...when i was that age, i didn't assume xyz...."

Its easier to not have FOMO when you don't have it stuffed in your face multiple times per day. Social Media is designed like slot machines at a vegas casino...its you keep coming keep watching...and you program yourself to expect certain things....even if they are unrealistic.

just google're welcome

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Aug 8, 2018