Mental Health Support Group

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After nearly 10 years of IB and PE, I feel like there's a particular stigma around mental health in finance, which ultimately leads to a lot of issues being buried. I also think certain factors more present in finance and other high-performance careers (schedule unpredictability, long hours and/or feeling on-call, lack of sleep, etc.) can exacerbate existing conditions or spark new ones.

Personally, I have not felt comfortable discussing mental health with anyone I've reported to, but have found it incredibly helpful talking to others in finance/law/etc who have similar experiences, feelings, goals and lifestyles. It took me years to finally bring up and I wish I had that type of outlet when I was a banking analyst.

I'd like to gauge interest in an informal mental health support group whereby discussions (forum-based and/or call-based) can happen on an anonymous basis. I feel like this lowers the barriers to opening up and may be beneficial regardless of the severity of mental health issues.

Please message me if you have interest in this type of group or would like to directly discuss anything with me. I'm happy to help in any way I can.

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Mar 11, 2019