Microsoft FRP Analyst Salary?

My friend working in the Microsoft FRP Analyst program said she got paid $88K base, $8.5K stock, $7K stipend, $4K cash bonus = $107.5K~ for first year salary for working 35-40 hours. She also mentioned that FRP Analysts at Microsoft are classified as "Senior Financial Analysts" from day 1, but there are only 30~ members in the FRP program. Then after completing 4 6-month rotations all the analysts get upgraded to Finance Managers and start making 115k base salary. Any former/current Microsoft FRP Analysts can confirm if this timeline/salary structure is true?

It sounds absurd to pay a first year analyst this much, considering their unpolished skills and limited work hours..

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Jun 18, 2019 - 3:18pm

GoBlue12 Does Michigan place well into the program?

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