Morgan Stanley Credit Risk Analyst - Capital Call Subscription Facilities & Illiquid Collateral Lending

Does anyone know more about this division/role at MS? What could the potential compensation/exit opps be? What is the MS Purchase, NY office like? Couldn't find much online. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

About The Role

The Morgan Stanley Private Bank is seeking an Analyst or Associate to support the Wealth Management New Products Group. This role will report to the Executive Director of the New Products Group. Product types include Capital Call Subscription Facilities, Fine Art, Privately Held Assets, and Executive Aircraft collateral types.


The Analyst or Associate will be based in the Purchase, NY (Westchester) office 3 days a week and in the New York City office 2 days a week. There are daily shuttles from the Morgan Stanley New York City office to the Purchase office. Alternatively, the role can be solely based in the Purchase office.

Support on going Credit Analysis and Underwriting for MS Wealth Management Clients
Providing support to Underwriting and Portfolio Management Teams for Loan Approval Memos, Annual Reviews, Amendments, PD/LGDs and related systems/database input and accuracy
Coordination and maintenance of CRM Wealth Management Policies and Procedures.
Preparation of presentations/decks for submission to senior management and/or various MSPBNA governance bodies
Interface with Credit Reporting, Credit IT and CME (Collateral Maintenance)
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or related field of study
1-5 years credit risk management/lending experience with leading commercial/investment bank with balance sheet and cash flow analytical skills
Experience with any one of the following collateral types: Capital Call Subscription Facilities, Fine Art, Privately Held Assets, Executive Aircraft
Familiarity with Regulatory/Financial Reporting i.e. CCAR, CECL
Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing for the benefit of direct manager and up the line to MSPBNA CCO and Business Unit.
Proficient with Word, Excel, Power Point and Access Database with related programming skills
Ability to work with minimal supervision to meet required deadlines

Comments (4)

May 5, 2019

Middle/back office, especially since it's in purchase. Hard to network to something other than wealth management related since you are out there

May 6, 2019

That makes sense... it's just hard to pass up MS. You think I could take the job and then lateral into an analyst role in their REPE group? I figure it'd be easier to get into their REPE group if I'm already an employee.

May 6, 2019

I figure it'd be easier to get into their REPE group if I'm already an employee.

I don't think so. You might find this role interesting, but I don't think there's much (any?) overlap in skill set between this and REPE. And you'd be in a satellite office, so networking isn't exactly convenient.

My opinion: If your goal is REPE, you'd be better off getting more relevant skills anywhere else instead of just trying to get your foot in the door with any old middle-office role. If, however, private banking interests you, this role could be a great place to start.

May 6, 2019