Morgan Stanley: Global Capital Markets Summer Analyst Schedule

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I reached out to a recruiter at Morgan Stanley late in August about the 2017 Global Capital Markets (GCM) recruiting process. She said that she would be scheduling a first round interview with me in mid-September. However, I emailed her today and she told me that I would be having an interview in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone else applied for this program and/or had a first round interview, or maybe even a superday? I am worried that a first round interview in the beginning of October seems a little late for Morgan Stanley, which was super accelerated this year.

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Sep 30,2016

Already had super day, waiting to hear back

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Oct 31,2016

which location did you apply for? im applying for the hk and just informed the phone interview.

Oct 31,2016

I applied for NYC and had a superday a couple weeks ago


Oct 31,2016

great how's it and did u get the offer? do you mind sharing some qns they asked you during the phone interview? thanks in advance!

Oct 31,2016