MS in consulting in IVY or not - Graduating senior from a liberal arts college

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I am graduating senior from a liberal art college and I am interested in HR consulting. I got admitted in two program. One is an applied psychology program in Ivy, the other one is a HR/management consulting program in a top 50 in DC.

I want to choose a program that can prepare me well and provide good opportunities to find a job after my MS, because I don't have any work experiences directly related to consulting so far. Right now, I am interested in HR Consulting, but I am not sure if this is my long-term career path. I am probably more interested in working in F500 later.

It's hard for me to decide because the Ivy program is too broad, and few people in this program work in the related field. But I guess the school's reputation and networking resources may be better than the top 50 school. The other program targets on this field, and almost everyone works in this field.

So anyone can give me some advice regarding to this decision?

Thank you!!

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Apr 22, 2012