MSF schools BC MSF/Villanova MSF/UVA Ms in commerce(finance track)/WUSTL MSF (WAM)

Hi everyone. I am a senior at a top 35 liberal arts college, international student, majoring in Statistics. Had an internship experience at a hedge fund in Hong Kong. I am targeting my career in IB/Asset Management ideally. Planning to work either in NYC/Boston or Hong Kong. Prefer in the US. I have applied for several business school finance programs and got into the following ones. Advice needed for entering financial industry! Thank you so much!!

  1. Washington University in St Louis, MSF Wealth and asset management track, no STEM
    pros: good school reputation, MSF program is recognized on wall street(I guess)
    cons: location is not good, this WAM track is new, don't know the replacement yet

3.UVA MS in Commerce, Finance track, no STEM yet, heard of that they are applying for STEM
Pros: (semi) target school on the street, recognizable program, good placement
cons: not many international students, school reputation is okay

  1. Boston College, MSF, STEM
    pros: good location, STEM, academic is good
    cons: not sure about the placement, school ranking is average

4.Villanova University, MSF, no STEM
Pros: good placement, great alumnae network, good location
cons: reputation, not recognizable outside the US

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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Apr 21, 2018

Villanova is your worst choice. Toss it.

I think UVA is the best school, but I'd go with Boston.

Location is where you want, brand is well know and strong, and STEM.

Apr 21, 2018

UVA here is the clear winner.

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Apr 21, 2018

Thank you for replying! Can you explain a bit more? Is it because that McIntire school itself is recognizable on the street?

Apr 21, 2018

Published placement statistics.

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Apr 23, 2018

High risk high reward. After OCR you'd be on your own @ UVA's no-jobs-ville

And yes Boston college not as hot as UVA but location might help big to find h1b employers

Jun 15, 2019

MS Commerce - You are competing against the McIntire undergrads and will lose. Employers know the undergrad program but don't really respect the grad program that much. Maybe 8-10 people out of 120 will land the jobs that the employment report implies they do (its based on self-selected responses).

Went through the program myself in analytics, the Finance track seemed decent but at the same time I know firsthand the analytics track was a complete joke. The people running the program are pretty clueless about its shortcomings (technical classes employers want don't come until 2nd semester after major recruiting is over, there are 3-4 completely useless classes packed into a tight schedule, some of the faculty border on incompetent, most of the track specific classes are only 3 weeks - 1 month long meaning you get about as much knowledge out of them as 3-4 hours of google search will teach you, GIE adds zero value and tacks 10k+ onto the program's list price)

Class quality seems to have gone down as well... they expanded the program significantly at the same time other schools (Georgetown, Northwestern, Duke, etc) opened their own which led to lower quality people being let in, which makes the first semester unbearable as it is 90% discussion/presentation based.

May 9, 2020