MSF / Specialized Masters Class of 2017 Q&A

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While I have time, I'd like to share my opinions or relevant facts about MSF, or MSc Finance program in the U.S. I also have friends who were in MAcc, MSc Marketing, and hopefully I can share whatever I can find. I was in a top (not MIT) MSF program. I'm grateful of my MSF, but now I'm with another MBA school.

I have no incentives or affiliations that would encourage me to speak favorably to any program, unlike some other gurus that members have found to promote some programs for the wrong reasons - that's why you see ridiculous monkey shit on my thread when I'm donating my free time for just social good.

This is not a profile evaluation - which I will ignore. check my previous WSO front page"MSF vs. MBA" thread for those general advice for your self-evaluation. MSc applications requires a lot of research, and if you got accepted with handholding, chances are you'll waste your $$ and time for the demanding, ultra-fast-paced business Master's. You ought to think thoroughly, and then I'm there to help you solve that tough question out there.

Unless you've been a total superstar, Opportunity cost of MSc is usually $65,000 or more. Without MSc, you save $65k and could earn more $$ and full-time experience, or save $400 per month on loans.

I hope to share my honest opinion for YOU to decide MSc and make YOUR money worth, and for that I will be direct.


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Aug 21, 2016

MSF for big 4 valuation/tas?

Aug 21, 2016

MSF for big 4 valuation/tas?

doable. depending on your undergrad picture you could've done better. see MSF is a rebrand of undergraduate. no need to dream about interviewing like an MBA - you're just competing against a stronger undergrad crowd with a second chance.

Nov 16, 2016

This is a huge and growing feeder for MSFs but, unfortunately, a lot of the programs are behind the curve. I'm working with my organization to set up a direct recruiting channel at select MSF programs. The starting salaries for entry level business valuation roles (associate level) is 65k to 75k and the Big 4 sponsor.

There's a huge opportunity here.

Nov 1, 2016

Sorry if its an old thread. What are the best programs for ibanking? What about for consulting?

Nov 16, 2016