My boss is letting me choose my job title - How will these two positions compare for an application?

I posted a similar thing in the Job Search Advice one as well. But wondering how this affects an MBA application.

My long term goal is to go into finance in a specific very developed country whose economy is facing hard times. Let's say France. I currently work for a professor at the grad school of one of the top schools in international relations (his previous job was a tenured prof at HPYS (where he is still an emeritus) and he left that to come here, before that he was a professor at a different school HPYS school). He has gotten the highest civilian award from the French government, honored as man of the year by the French Chamber of Commerce, most of the major French companies in the US come to him for advice and he has some high ranking contacts at the major financial institutions doing business in France. Next semester he will be teaching a course on Finance in France with a former head of the French office for a bulge bracket.

I'm 3.5 years out of college and taught English for 3 years in France (Think Teach for America with waaaaay less prestige/name recognition). My current job title is "Policy Research Fellow" and it's a 2 year program and I'm about 4 months in. I'm planning to go to grad school as a student after the 2 years. I'm supposed to do as the title sounds, conduct research. However, our office administrator/coordinator moved jobs about two weeks after I started so I have been covering her work for the past 3 months. This includes scheduling, processing receipts, and dealing with syllabi and stuff for the registrar's office (boring back office stuff) it also includes running the department's social media and organizing larger events that have Fortune 500 CEOs coming to speak and the French Ambassador (slightly more front office).

He offered to let me switch to this full time, it has better pay, benefits, 401K, etc. BUT I'm worried about the title "Coordinator" versus "Research Fellow". In short term the coordinator position is obviously better because it pays better, has better benefits etc. But long-term, I think "Research Fellow" will look much better on a resume when you are skimming it. It seems like Research Fellow would involve "using your head" and thinking intellectually where as "Coordinator" is just droning on doing mindless tasks.

What do you guys think? Should I take the Coordinator position? He offered to let me change the title to make it sound a little better. What do you guys think? He suggested "Coordinating Director of French Studies" What about Program Associate? Head Associate? Can you guys think of anything else good?

How will all of this affect an MBA application?

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Dec 10, 2014

Why not use Coordinating Director / Research Fellow so you've got both, and it looks like you've added responsibility from the Research Fellow line item that will be below it on your CV?

Dec 10, 2014

Hmmmmm, very good point TechBanking, is it even worth putting the "Research Fellow" separately on the resume? I was only in it for 4 months and didn't do too much research because I was focused on the coordinator roles.

Dec 10, 2014

Strong on so many things. Did you really just say compare your grad school job to back office and front office?

Dec 10, 2014

I think they're skills that are most easily relatable to the two, you don't think so?

Dec 10, 2014

You think event planning is "front office"? We have a marketing/corporate access team for that...

Also, no one will give a shit what your title is. It can be Supreme Overlord but if you have "responsible for filing receipts" in the bullet points, you're still fucked.

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Dec 10, 2014

Senior Vice President of Coordinated Research Analytics

Dec 11, 2014

I've seen this in multiple threads before. Stuff about "attractive job titles" pre-MBA. Can someone elaborate on this?

Dec 13, 2014