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I am an Undergrad student in my final year of BBA from a well known college, hoping to get into IB (investment banking). I'm learning all the skills required such as financial modelling and analysis from Udemy. I am a pretty committed guy and I do research a lot about what I need to do. After doing my research I have been left with a bunch of questions rather than leaving with answers.

  1. Why is the median salary of a 1st year Analyst in the USA $85,000 - $100,000 compared to India's Rs 3,00,000 - Rs 4,00,000? Why is there a drastic gap? What's the scope of IB in India?

  2. Why is CA considered as the preferred to-go course here, while great courses like CFA, CPA, US CMA, CMA are barely recognized?

  3. Like I've said I am from a fairly known college in India but why don't undergrads get proper internships? is it just me or is everyone facing this problem? The MBA students from the same college are getting awesome internships from great companies but why is it that when undergrad applies its just Marketing (Sales) internships from small companies?

4.(continuing 3rd point) Since the starting of my 2nd year I have worked really hard by completing many courses, learning modelling, analysis, presentation skills, even studying for my CFA Level 1 Exam. I've improved my resume in just about a year and I'm really proud of myself. But why can't I get a proper internship? I have done one internship on equity research but barely had to do any work. The other one I got is selling the company's product.

If it sounded more like a rant than advice seeking I apologize, as you can see I am getting a bit frustrated but I refuse to give up. 


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