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Hi everyone,

I had a superday with a BB in NYC two Fridays ago. They called on Tuesday to say that they were still very interested in me, but that they had made committments to interview from a few more campuses, and that they would get back to me early the following week (that would be this week).

They are looking to hire two analysts for this group, and I interviewed with 7 other people. I'm thinking they probably had another superday last Friday with another 6-10 people.

I'm pretty confident that I was in the top 2 from the first day, otherwise they would have just dinged me when they called me last Tuesday. Is that a pretty safe assumption?

Next question - is keeping me waiting this long a good sign or bad sign?

I've got another superday with another BB in NYC this Friday/Saturday (which they all asked about in my interviews - so the first BB knows about it). Would it be a good or bad idea to call the first BB tomorrow, tell them they are my first choice (which they are), but that I'd like to know where I stand with them before my interviews with BB #2?

Thanks for any advice.

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Oct 18, 2006 - 3:45pm

I think the wait is all part of the "dance".

Regarding BB#1, find a creative way to stay in front of the recruiter and the managers so they're thinking of you. I'm assuming you've already sent out thank you emails, but think of something beyond that gesture. Just don't be obnoxious about it.

Just an idea: keep abreast of BB#1 in the news, purposely search for timely info. because you could in turn use that as a reason to reach out to them. Drop them an email to say something like "I enjoyed meeting the team... recently came across this article which I found intriguing and I'm very encouraged by the opportunity to join... Ok, that might be a little cheesy, but you get my drift, right?

As for calling BB#1 tomorrow... hold off. Call them AFTER your interviews with BB#2. You could spin it and say you felt your interviews with BB#2 went very well and you anticipate an offer from them. However, you'd like to gauge that opportunity against BB#1 since they're your first choice, blah blah blah.

Oct 18, 2006 - 8:00pm

aadpepsi - Yeah, totally in agreement. Definitely part of the "dance." I think it's also a power thing.

Good suggestion on waiting to call after the interviews with BB#2. The whole thing would be made 20x easier if the first bank would just call me back and let me know already!

Any other thoughts?

Oct 18, 2006 - 9:48pm

Remember your angst as a candidate is not their angst! BBs are in the business of getting the best talent into their firms and they'll better deal U in no time! No loyalty.

Other than being patient, simply resist the urge to get comfortable. Until you have an OFFER... don't let your guard down. Stay in front of them, keep working it. It's flattering to get noticed by BB#1 and BB#2 but try to get into as many other conversations and interviews as you can regardless.

Just lessons I've learned the hard way, unfortunately. In fact, I shall take my own advice this week!

Oct 20, 2006 - 10:31am

CIBC World Markets played the dance with me for a week.

My final interview in Toronto was on the 11th. They said they'd get back either the 13th or 16th. An MD called me on the 13th to "touch base" and tell me that it was too competitive and that they had narrowed their pool from the 29 finalists to 15 and that there were still 6 posts up for grabs. She then proceeded to barrage me with Q's before saying "you'll hear back on monday."

Come call. I assume that weekend work left them behind. When Tuesday night came, I emailed the chief of recruitment and this Exec Director told me to call him the next morning. So on the 18th i called. He kept going that the analyst group for DCM was intensively competitive and that they wanted to hear more from their short list. He gave me another IMPROMPTU interview before saying "Sorry for the delay...but we've hired 2 guys already and rejected a few more...we're down to 10 for 4 postings. SPEAK NOW if you got any preferences for a department and tell me WHY so I can pitch you to the MD's."

Did that. Come Thursday 19th, at 5:30PM i got the call from the Exec Director, some chit chat and he was VERY SOMBER and started asking me how things were going and all before FINALLY saying "I'm REALLY sorry that its taken this long to come to a decision. pause But I am very happy to make you an offer here at CIBC DCM in Debt Origination. Congratulations."

And I just pretty much fell into my chair in relief despite having 250+ papers to grade.

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