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Want a career in IB/consulting. These are my options (paying £30k out of pocket is possible, rest will all be loans):

1) Non target £40k - already have admission with scholarship here + target MSc (£40k-£50k) = total £80/90k - UG is possible, MSc depends heavily on loans and admissions (very competitive)

2) Target UG only = £70/90k - depends heavily on loans and admission

3) Semi target UG only = £60k easy admission, again depends on loans and if it's worth it

4) No name + (hopefully) target Msc = £40-50k. This will only happen if options 2 and 3 both aren't possible. Won't have strong internships/profile with this.

Will have to take a gap year for options 2,3,4.

What would you do?

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  • Prospect in 
Sep 15, 2020 - 1:55am

Sorry, let me clarify. I have admission to a non target (Birmingham, Loughborough types where the uni is decent but barely any finance presence). That's option 1.

The targets that I'd apply to are UCL, LSE and Warwick. I meet the grades for Warwick and am just under the requirements for UCL and LSE. I'd have to take a gap year to reapply.

The semi targets I'd apply to are Bristol and Nottingham, I easily meet the entry requirements and admission won't be too hard.

Hope that explains it.

Sep 15, 2020 - 7:57am

I strongly recommend going to a target, Warwick, if you can. Not sure if a gap year to apply for UCL / LSE is worth it. 

I'd completely forget about the Birmingham/Loughborough type programs. Not worth it in comparison. Nottingham is better, but going to Warwick will set you up for a finance job post-uni. 

I dont' see a need to focus on Msc programs at this point, you haven't even started your uni yet and may not need one if your job placement goes well. 

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