Non Mega-Fund recruiting (250-1000aum)

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What are people's strategies for finding an analyst position at a sub Bil fund?

I just don't see myself as a mega-fund type of guy, don't like the diversified PM structure. Would rather work under one or two PMs. I figure the churn at this size of shop is lower than at mega-funds so openings are less frequent (speculation-ish).

Currently working at a L/S fundamental shop but its small and the PM has no interest in expanding AUM, capping my potential.


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Sep 21, 2012

you can't do much with 250-1000 bucks, bro.

put it all on red.

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Sep 21, 2012

I guess in the first place, should not blanket assume that mega funds have a diversified PM structure, a lot of them still do not have that specialized groupings.

Also fund size is not a really good indicator of how much potential there is either.

You have to figure out what type of funds you want to target and then narrow from there, but keep it loose. Keep your options open and dont judge until you meet the folks and get to interact with them on ideas and situations.

Sep 21, 2012