NYU Stern vs Bentley University

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Hi All,

I am currently a rising sophomore at Bentley University and am very interested in I-banking. I was recently accepted as a transfer student to NYU Stern for sophomore year. Which school would be better to pursue a career in i-banking, getting internships better reputation and an overall better college experience. This will be a very difficult decision for me to make in the next coming weeks and any positive input will be greatly considered and appreciated.

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Jun 5, 2010

Stern. Its nearly impossible to get a wall street job from bentley (not saying its a bad uni),
Really can't see how it's a "difficult decision". Good job getting in as a transfer tho, heard its crazy competitive..

Jun 5, 2010

Stern and DO NOT look back. Congrats

Jun 5, 2010

as everyone above has already stated, definitely stern. i have never met anyone in my analyst times from bentley whereas many people are from stern.

Jun 5, 2010

I never even heard of Bentley.

Jun 5, 2010


Jun 5, 2010

humor me and stay at bentley.

god I would be pissed if my analyst class had one guy come from there...

bad enough we have one from some state school

Jun 26, 2018

lol. hope things turned out well for you bud

Jun 5, 2010

don't look back! stern

"What we can, we must; and because we can, we must"

Jun 5, 2010


Jun 5, 2010

You would have a very difficult time securing a full-time analyst job coming from Bentley. As if it wasn't obvious from the above posters, Stern is a much better choice for your career (as long as you don't major in religion and women's studies).

NYU is obviously in the city as opposed to Bentley which is in the Boston suburbs. That will probably be the biggest change for you. Even if you are a suburbs kinda guy, I believe the career prospects from Stern far outweigh any negative social aspects you may experience by transferring.

Jun 14, 2010