Oppenheimer & Co Broker Trainee/ Financial Planner A Good Start?

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I graduated in 09 with a BA in Economics from Fordham with so-so grades - mainly because school bored me.

I have a job interview next week at Oppenheimer & Co in NYC as a broker trainee /financial planner. I'm interested in being a broker/financial planner but also interested in trading. My interest kind of leads more to trading. Am I wasting my time even applying for a broker trainee position?

I've heard different things about working at Op some positive and some negative. What are your thoughts? Is it a good starting place or am I best to try somewhere else? I realize I am not going to start off at GS or any other top tier. Is Op a good place to start or am I better off at an independent brokerage or even a Merrill branch office would be better?

Thanks for the advice.

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Jul 17, 2010

Sales is Sales

Jul 21, 2010