Palantir - anyone know anything about this firm?

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Looks like they have a roster of rockstars working for them (just browse some of the Linkedin profiles). Seems to be a mix of ex PE, consulting, and elite finance types ... what exactly does the firm do? Anyone know how much they pay?

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Mar 31,2014

Have a buddy that left GS IBD post MBA for Palantir Biz Dev and loves it.

It's a big data firm that works in corp and gov space. Just won a big deal with SAC.

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Mar 31,2014

Reviews and salaries on pay is not that high according to glassdoor.

Mar 31,2014

Reviews and salaries on pay is not that high according to glassdoor.

Housing allowances in major city, all meals free, free dry cleaning, unlimited vacation, etc. All in package is great.

Heed your own advice when you suggest someone searches.

Mar 31,2014

It's a big data (both structured and unstructured) analytics firm that services mostly government entities (and, post-crisis) a lot of clients in the FIG space (see comment above re: SAC).

I know two people on the technical side and one on the business side - one engineer getting more senior now spoke highly of how collegial and amenable everything there was in the earlier days, but how with growth and scale, the firm is losing its luster for him. There isn't a defined track for increase of responsibilities or promotion. That, plus the fact that they care more about meeting their mission of doing world-changing things than compensating their talent in stunning fashion, has him looking elsewhere. Non-cash benefits are huge, though.

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Mar 31,2014

Also interested in additional insights if anyone has any

Mar 31,2014

I'd imagine the dataset is too small at this point to draw any meaningful conclusions. The company has only been around 10 years and only has ~1200 employees right now.

I'd imagine you'd have your pick of jobs at other large tech companies, as well as top flight MBA programs.

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  •  Mar 31,2014

Hello Curious,
Did you end up making a move? I have been looking at Palantir myself and am curious what the exit options are. I'm coming from finance (macro research) and am interviewing with them for a DS role... Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Mar 31,2014