PE, VC, IBD recommended reading list

I've put together my fall reading list, thanks to kind advice from fellow WSOers.
Sharing in case it's useful to you, or in case anyone wants to add some suggestions.

* Venture Deals, by Brad Feld
* From Zero to One, by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters
* The New New Thing, by Michael Lewis
* The Hard Things About Hard Things, by Ben Horowitz
* Valley Boy: The Education of Tom Perkins, by Tom Perkins
* Deal Terms, by Alex Wilmerding
* Investment Visionaries, by Peter Tanous
* Good Ventures, by John W. Wilson
* Masters of Private Equity and Venture Capital, by Andrew Roman
* Venture Capital and Private Equity: a Casebook, by HBS' Josh Lerner
* Mastering the VC Game, by Jeffrey Bussgang
* The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries
* VC and finance of innovation, by Andrew Metrick
* Business of Venture Capital

* Mergers and Acquisition Playbook, by Mark Filippel
* The Complete Guide to a Successful Leveraged Buyout, by Allen Michel and Israel Shaked
* Idiots and Dummies Guides to M&A
* Leveraged Buyouts; a Practical Introductory Guide to LBO's, by David Pilger.
* Mergers and Acquisitions from A - Z, by Andrew Sherman
* McGraw Hill's Art of Distressed M&A (500 pgs)
* Distressed Debt Analysis, by Moyer
* Advanced: The Art of Distressed M&A: Buying, Selling and Financing Troubled Companies, by Nesvold
* Buyout and Distressed Private Equity: Performance and Value Creation, by Christian Graf
* Managing by the Numbers, by Kremer
* The Art of M&A, by Stanley Foster Reed
* Investment Banking, by Joshua Rosenbaum

**Value Investing **
* Little Book that Beats the Market
* stock mkt
* security analysis
* intelligent investor
* buffett/forbes, tap dancing to work
* lawrence cunningham all of buffett's letters
* hatstrom the warren buffett way
* peter condif there's always something to do
* peter lynch
* john neff
* jim rogers street smart
* michael stern investment checklist
* the outsiders
* william thornsten 8 unconventional managers
* market wizards
* new mkt wizards
* michael lewis the big short
* michael stern the most important thing / illuminate
* seth harmon margin of safety
* there's always something to do
* margin of safety seth Klarman, baupost
* bruce greewald, value investing,
* prem watasa, fairfax financial
* john templeton,
* the templeton plan
* howard marx/marks, the most important thing illuminated
* greenblat, you can be a stockmarket genius

Comments (25)

Sep 11, 2018 - 8:57am

I would get rid of Zero to One. Not really actionable IMO.

The rest are awesome. Will have to check some out. Thanks for the list!

Reading Distressed by Moyer ATM btw. Great book.

  • 1
Sep 17, 2018 - 1:28am

I don't think they are applicable at all to anyone working outside of early stage venture. Not sure how much experience you have around venture btw, but anything Series A and on is far away from being just a term sheet.

That book is literally just a bunch of notes from his lectures someone took and then slightly organized. Reviews are mixed for good reason.

It's short too though, so IDK. maybe worth reading OP but I would throw it last on the list.

Sep 28, 2018 - 8:01pm

Great list, more than a lifetime reading (applied of course).

(Seth KLARMAN, Margin of Safety. It's out of print and copies somewhat famously go for $2500+ but you can find PDFs online)

“Doesn't really mean shit plebby boi. LMK when you're pulling thiccboi cheques.“ — @m_1
Sep 28, 2018 - 9:11pm

High-performing value guys always seem to have a cult following.

“Doesn't really mean shit plebby boi. LMK when you're pulling thiccboi cheques.“ — @m_1
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