PGIM (Prudential Investment Management) summer investment analyst -- exit opps/prestige?

Hey everyone, I'm a third year undergraduate at a target school (not HYP-level, but target nonetheless -- think penn/columbia/uchicago/duke). I've only gotten interested in finance quite recently, and got an offer for an internship this summer at PGIM as a summer investment analyst. I guess I'm mostly curious regarding exit opportunities, prestige, internal progression, comp/benefits/workplace culture (if you're aware). I know it's just an internship and very temporary, but I want to go into FT recruiting with as much knowledge as possible to maximize my chances of landing a good offer. I definitely do not want to go into IB, but I was interested in trading earlier, and working in PE or another asset manager would definitely be on the cards (all of which are very competitive, I'm aware). Couple of caveats -- my gpa is not fantastic (3.5) and i'm an international student. I'd really appreciate any thoughts/insights/replies! Thanks

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Mar 11, 2022 - 2:30am
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