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Hey all,

I messaged a director at a large bank through LinkedIn and he agreed to have a call with me. I asked for a quick call but then when setting it up he mentioned that it'll be around 30 minutes. I know to usually treat these calls as interviews, but this seemed pretty long and had me thinking that it actually is an interview.

What should I expect and how can I best prepare for this.


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May 31, 2016 - 11:06pm

Yes its an interview AND a conversation. You contacted him so have in your back pocket series of leading questions about what he does and how he does certain things. If/when he directs you differently, take the cue and respond to his direction. You should be able to fully talk/walk through your background (verbally, don't expect to have him read it on the spot or have any pre-knowledge of you).

Aug 19, 2015 - 1:06pm

thedude23 I recently had a phone call with someone in IB (not a Director) however it doesn't change much. What I did is as follows (not in any order):

1.) Focused on what I was wanting from the call (i.e. Career transition to IB) and why (i.e. More macro focus on industry than current granular focus; looking to leverage industry knowledge and apply to an advisory setting).

2.) Spent some time prior to the call to review notes about the firm, recent deals, area I want to focus on, etc.

3.) Ask about the Director's background, why they chose this company, what their day-to-day is like, etc.

4.) Asked about the recruiting process (me being atypical of most) and what it would look like.

5.) General advise on what I can do from here on out and end call with thanking them for their time.

6.) Followed up with email thank you and some other questions (asked before hand and was told to email).

Good Luck...let us know how it went.

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