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May 17, 2017

The interview that lands you the first offer. You'll figure out the rest along the way.

May 17, 2017

not in CF, but here are the most pivotal moments in my career progression:

  1. getting denied from business school
  2. my division shutting down at a local bank 2 months after I started, they subsequently threw me out on the street
  3. asking for what I wanted at a former partnership, not getting it, and therefore freeing me up to my current partnership

opportunity is born out of adversity

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May 17, 2017

-Finally "getting" Excel. I was able to segue into some high priority projects

-Realizing that the best thing about Corp Fin. is how transferable an FP&A skillset is between industries. I've worked in entertainment/media, tech, insurance, and consumer goods-survived recessions and downturns while I was at it. Moved cross country when needed, and still entertain headhunters.

-Project finance. There's no real glory in it, but depending on how massive a capex is, if you can assume responsibility for valuing, tracking, and reporting it you'll give yourself an incredible amount of autonomy.

-Being the go-between for middle management and the C-level.

WSO doesn't really value corp fin. but if you play your cards right sky's the limit. You won't ever be a billionaire, of course, but there are definitely some lucrative paths that could open up if you keep yourself flexible and valuable

May 18, 2017