Please Help! Just a quick question!

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to this BSchool stuff. However, I have been interested recently, and wanted to get some feedback as to what prospective schools that I will MOST likely be able to get into. Please be honest. Brutally honest. I am sure I will not get into the top ones, but please offer advice or suggestions as you please! Again, I am fairly new and do not have a good network to learn about B-school.

First off, I'd like to get a Masters in Finance or even an MBA.

I am currently a junior, will be a senior next fall at a non-target, Rutgers.
Economics Major, Statistics Minor (Not a huge quant freak, but I'm decent)
770 Math, 700 Verbal SATs
SAT IIs Math 2c and Writing CRAP. (680s)
Cumulative GPA (Will graduate with a 3.3+ because I started out pharmacy)
Major GPA (Will graduate with a 3.6+)
Lehman Finance Internship.
BlackRock Ops Internship.
Siemens Tax Internship.
President of Business Fraternity. (80+ members)
Some extra extracurriculars
Pretty vibrant in the interview room.

I'm just trying to get a rough idea where I could possibly get into. My GPA seems to be kicking my ass...but I'd greatly appreciate the help! Also, suggestions regarding readings/preparations would be GREATLY welcomed. Thank you all in advance!

Good luck on finals and your summer internship gigs. And to the people ain't too bad, eh?


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May 7, 2008 - 9:12pm

GMAT is necessary if you want to get an MBA; for the MFin program, it would depend on which school you're looking at. these days, most tier 1 b-schools want you to work a couple years before going there (MFin prgrms may not), but im not sure about tier 2/3 type schools. most prob getting some work experience might not be a bad idea--see if you can get yourself into a front office position (and if not, maybe a corp dev type position at a corporation)

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