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I would like you guys help me tear apart my resume! I am mainly interested in a career within consulting or IB but I haven't excluded other industries. Be as honest as possible: please focus on content, format, grammar etc. And also, since there is nothing I can do about my existing experiences, please focus on relevance etc. rather than personal achievements.


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Aug 21, 2018 - 9:02am
  • Capitalize and clarify the words in italics - ie, are you a major in "Finance and Management" or double major (list them separately), capitalize semester on the exchange line. capitalize case competition, head of events, etc lower down as well.
  • On your E-commerce experience, make the bullets more task oriented. Sales forecasting and budgeting of what? What did you do with the analysis of financials? The last line is good, make the other bullets similar. I would reword or delete "applied accounting principles" as that sounds awkward, you can reword it into more of an action/objective line to keep it.
  • same with the angel investor line. This all looks like good experience, but you need more meat on the bullet points. Instead of just saying you investigated startups, how about "Analyzed financial statements of 100 startups to assess future growth potential" - I just made that up but you get the idea.
  • second bullet in case competition "kept in contact" is oddly worded. Same as above, these bullet points all need more quantitative content/analysis of your actual role.
  • Under the head of events: it should be "aspiring" not "inspiring", and if you read that bullet point you pasted some of the previous bullet points into that line
  • interests: pick something more interesting. If you like to run trails, put trail running... marathons, perfect. If you do literally anything else pick that over travelling and reading, having cool interests is highly underrated.

Also keep in mind that for consulting and IB you will need to split this into targeted resumes for each sector. Obviously you don't want to be applying to IB with a bullet point about how you became more interesting in consulting


Aug 21, 2018 - 11:27am
  1. Capitalize the word "management" when listing your majors

  2. Clarify whether or not you are getting a doubl-major in finance and management, or a major/minor.

  3. Your relevant coursework section looks really unfinished and empty with only "Microeconomics" on that line. I would add more courses, or expand on what you have, even if it's just writing filler words like "Foundational Principles of Microeconomics"

  4. I would list specific accounting principles and how much you minimized distribution costs by

  5. "Investigated new startups" sounds silly... be specific, maybe something along the lines of "Performed due-diligence of potential acquisitions/investments by analyzing financials, etc"

  6. "Contacted inspiring entrepreneurs" sounds dumb. At first, I thought you meant to say "aspiring" but used the wrong word. I'd put "inspirational entrepreneurs" if that's what you mean.

  7. You say "Basic skills in XXX, Basic skills in YYY..." just say "Basic skills in Spanish and Arabic." No need to repeat

  8. Same thing for the "Proficient in..."

  9. Your interests are very vague. Reading what? Horror books? Be specific. Running what? 5-ks? Marathons? Specify.

  10. If you look at the WSO resume template, in the top right corner underneath the line, there is a spot for your phone number. I don't know if you redacted that, but if not, add it so the resume looks symmetrical.

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