Hi Guys,
Been lurking around WSO for some weeks now but this is my first post; sorry it's a tad long. I've recently moved from Australia to London in an attempt to gain some international experience and take advantage of the opportunities the city can offer in comparison to my home town!

I graduated from a top Australian University in 2011 (which I now know doesn't mean jack-shit over here) with a Commerce and International Studies double degree and a 2:1 equivalent, I also passed level 1 of the CFA in June. I started working at a PWM/Stockbroking firm part time in my last semester of Uni which then moved to FT once I finished. I was in a middle office function with some exposure to research; this is what kept me looking for other roles as the research exposure was expected to increase. Needless to say a restructuring of the research team and movement away from my town left me high and dry! That's when I decide to take a chance and make the move.

I knew it wouldn't be smooth sailing however 3 months in and I'm stil jobless and starting to get slightly concerned! Ideally I'm keen to get into ER however given my lack of experience and the current environment my plan was to try to secure a buy side ops role and hopefully in time try to sneak into a research role. Realistically I need to lock something down ASAP so I'm prepared to take anything; as such I've been applying for everything I can.

I've signed up and had numerous interviews with recruiters who have got me 2 interviews and a phone interview. I crashed and burnt in the phone interview but I thought the other 2 went well, which obviously wasn't the case as I didn't get either position. I've been doing the usual cold emailing and going to CFA events, I even handed out CV's to well-dressed middle aged men in the city in an attempt to build up my non-existent network and create a 'lucky' break!
So far none of these tactics have been particularly successful so I was just wondering if anybody on here has been in a similar situation and can offer any advice? Or if there are any Londoners on here who have some advice on how I might go about getting my foot in the door in the city?


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Could you post here, in three paragraphs of about 10 lines each (one per idea), 3 FTSE 100/250 ideas that you have written up over the past 3 months?

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EURCHF parity:

Could you post here, in three paragraphs of about 10 lines each (one per idea), 3 FTSE 100/250 ideas that you have written up over the past 3 months?

Here are three stocks I have been interested in since moving over (one of them admittedly is not overly original). I'd be interested to know what you think, I did just do them for my own practice and are very basic, so they could be rather rubbish.

Halma (HLMA)
Halma is an electronic and electrical equipment producer, which has subsidiaries that are separated into three distinct divisions, which include health and analysis, infrastructure sensors and industrial safety. The company's position in developing markets is of particular interest and ensures it's less affected by the economic drama's occurring across the UK, US and Europe. Revenue from outside these regions has doubled since 2008 and now represents 25% of total revenue, with a target of 30% set for 2015. The company has a number of expansion projects in Brazil and China and with the health and safety regulations of the construction and mining industry steadily improving in these countries it provides a foundation for future growth. Halma's ROE has been steadily increasing to 21% and with a ROCE of 76.26% which has been also been steadily increasing for the past 4 years, suggests the company is highly efficient. Overall the company's long term prospects look promising and although this has been reflected in the price rise over the past 12 months if they continue to seek growth in developing countries then the long term outlook for the share price should be positive.

UK Mail (I jotted these notes down in late Sept, not FTSE 250 but quite interesting) (UKM)
UK Mail fits the classic value investor's criteria of being a market leading company that has a long history of profits and consistent dividend payments to shareholders. UK Mail is the leading alternative to Royal Mail for any business mail requirements; this also fits the value investor's criteria in that it the business is easy to understand. UK Mail had a dividend yield of 7.4% in March and despite the recent increase in price is still yielding above 5%, although it has traded on low volumes. This along with the company's low levels of debt and stable earnings means the stock is ideal for investors who may be looking for some additional yield to compensate for the low interest rate environment; this in turn should drive the price higher. Even if the price doesn't continue to increase the attractive yield and secure financial position of the company suggest UKM is a solid investment.

Unilever (ULVR)
Unilever being one of the world's largest companies is a mature and stable stock which although unlikely to break out and provide outrageous returns should continue to offer dividend growth and a relatively stable capital return. Although possibly a 'boring' stock; in this environment it is a stable investment which is held by many pension funds and money managers which will should assist in preventing any steep falls in price. This along with Unilever's huge investment and growth in developing countries ensures the company is on target to continue sales growth of 11-13% which is has achieved over the past 3 years. ULVR has had a 5 year average dividend growth rate of 7.4% and EPS growth of 15.7% and is in a secure financial position to weather any potential storms they may face.



Put your CV on efinancialcareers.co.uk.

UK market is tough right now and ER is even tougher. Are you working in a non-finance related job while you search?


Talk about Barry Lyndon. You're fucking brave my friend. Wish I could help -- ER jobs are hard to come by. But you passed CFA - level 1. Nice.


I've been trying efinancialcareers but haven't had any bites. I'm going to start looking for non-finance related part time work this week as I need to start getting some cash in the bank whilst I continue searching.

Haha brave is one way to put it, yeah I've pretty much been focussing on Ops roles whilst holding out a glimmer of hope for a junior analyst role or research assistant position.


I like how there's no hold, buy, or sell overall rec in yours


HLMA even though it as had a nice run I would have a 'buy' recommendation due to its long term prospects. ULVR would be a 'hold' as I think it is becoming a tad expensive to buy into. UKM was a 'buy' in Sept when I wrote it but due to it's recent rally is now expensive and I would take the profits and therefore put a 'sell' rec on it.

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