Portfolio Analyst at Mid-Market Fund (Senior Debt, Mezzanine and co-equity) vs. Big 4 Audit Senior for eventual PE position

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I'm currently working for a big 4 accounting firm as an audit associate and will be promoted to senior in July. My ultimate goal is to work in private equity. An acquaintance of mine who I know through a family friend reached out to me regarding an open portfolio analyst position at a relatively new investment management firm in Chicago which provides senior, mezzanine and co-equity financing for private equity in funding transactions. The acquaintance of mine is an associate at the firm which currently has about 15 investment professionals (3 of them are portfolio analysts) and specializes in middle market transactions across almost all industry groups. The position involves monitoring of the portfolio, quarterly valuations and preparation of investment committee meeting materials. It also involves performing analysis over struggling investments to assist those above me in evaluating next steps.

A bit of background about myself, I graduated from a state school in accounting with a good GPA and am currently a licensed CPA. I'm willing to eventually take the CFA or GMAT depending on which is better to transition my career in the right direction. I currently get good performance reviews at my big 4 firm and consider myself to be competent.

Do you think I should continue with the interview process for this portfolio analyst position or wait until I get promoted to senior at my current big 4. If I get promoted to senior, my next options would be to either (a) initiate the process of transitioning to a due diligence or valuations practice at my current firm (b) look for a position elsewhere which would further my experience towards private equity or (c) study for the GMAT and try to get into a good MBA program which would give me interview opportunities with PE or with a firm that could lead to a PE career path.

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