Post MF Global career options..

I recently joined the firm as an associate a month ago fresh out of business school. Having had a limited amount of prior experience in the financial industry before my MBA (I did have a stellar record of equity recommendations while running our school's student fund - size approx $2.2 mm) I was looking towards gaining as much experience as possible before branching out towards running my own HF / ER shop (very long term - maybe 10 years from now).

At this stage, I am not sure what exactly to do career-wise. A few questions:

(1) How far do you think BB (or MM) S&T / HF / ER will entertain resumes from MF Global employees?
(2) what should I be looking at first?
(3) I have had limited experience with executive recruiters. Will they be able to help in my case?

Any advice/suggestions/pointers will be very helpful (even if they're not strictly related to the questions above). This is not the time to feel sorry for myself - none of this was my fault, and I would much rather concentrate on getting myself out of this situation quickly. I'll post more questions as and when I think of them.

Thanks v.m.!

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Oct 31, 2011

I would like to mention that I will have my basic Series 7 license by next week. The firm has graciously agreed to continue sponsoring our licenses.

Oct 31, 2011

Where did you get your MBA from? Whether you get a job or not in this worsening environment will solely depend on that piece of paper and your network more than anything else. A month of experience is as good as nil. Hopefully you did something tangentially related to finance to give you a chance. Unfortunately, most shops are either cutting staff or have hiring freeze in place...your best bet would probably be going back to your career office to see if anything is left.

Oct 31, 2011

Thanks for writing! I did my MBA from a top 15 school. However the career center was, as in most schools, distinctly unhelpful, and I got this job after multiple interviews with various other firms. In any case, thanks for the advice - I'll look into getting back in touch with them.

Jan 21, 2012