Public Finance IB analyst looking to lateral. How to sell that I am a good candidate?

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Hey everyone.

I have been working in PF IB for the last year at a well known boutique. We have had guys since I've been here that have made the transition to more general IB roles. Now, it is my turn to try and make the leap. I have a few interviews coming up for second, third year analyst roles at MM and EB banks.

What are some of the best ways to sell that I am prepared for a general IB role? How can I explain that these PF skills might transfer and make me a good analyst?

I am looking for answers other than "know your technicals", which is the obvious. Also, I have completed the WSP so I have made up for the lack of modeling in PFIB. All answers are appreciated but I am hoping for answers from people that have made this lateral. Thanks

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Dec 21, 2018