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Nov 29, 2006

Doesn't sound legit to me. Just my gut feeling.

Do you know these guys like they regularly visit your family and have dinner with your parent? Or we've had lunch and a couple of phone calls?

Nov 29, 2006

Yes, I know the people are doing well for themselves as career traders, they are in the neighborhood, and I am 98% sure their motivations are sincere in getting me into trading. But it seems like risky, not shady, but risky.

What about an alternative like asking for a salaried middle/back office position for a little bit, and then moving into such a role

Nov 29, 2006

Usually these prop trading firms have you put a certain amount in, then they give you say 4 to 10 times that so you have size and scale. But you have you're money in so you don't take outsized risk.

But you still got to trade well, its a tough business, and you arent really learning besides trading. It depends on the setup and whether they train you I guess.

Nov 29, 2006

could this be used as a stepping stone to a better job at a S&T at a BB or help get into a decent MBA program then get to an associate level?

Nov 29, 2006

from what i understand, the people at bb would know the reputation, or lack thereof. if you were doing well, why would you leave? if your sinking not swimming..... but from what i know there are some prop firms that hold a good reputation, but i doubt those are easier to get into than a bb really.

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Nov 30, 2006

these places are a house of cards - you dont want to start your career off unless its a place that trades right on the Exchange (which is not hwat your talking about because they wouldnt be putting up your own money).

IN any event, its a waste of time, and wont help you anywhere. i would continue searching.

Dec 1, 2006