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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to map out PwC's client facing business structure. I know the three service lines, Assurance, Advisory, Tax and each line has their own sectors (tech, consumer, finserv, etc.). But than how would a group like PwC Digital fit which work cross all sectors?


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Nov 7, 2014 - 1:28pm

While I am not working at PwC, I am very familiar with the firm and the big four as a whole. This is a tough question. If you could, I would consider talking to someone within the firm. As for audit, I know that a lot of financial information has to be gleaned from databases (think of like Ebay and how its sales info is kept on mainframes). For tax, think about tax preparation software. For advisory/consulting/transactions, I'm sure that requires the comparison of companies and an evaluation of strategic positions. Pretty much the basis of valuing companies as well as advising on strategic decisions. I can also think of the use of data/surveys to organize management duties, customer needs, etc etc.

In risk assurance, the protection of financial information is very key (think of firewalls, malware protection, etc etc).

This one of those incredibly broad things.

If I were to give you a tip, I'd say go to Deloitte, PwC's, EY, and KPMG's websites. They all talk about changing aspects of their industries (such as the off-shoring of bank confirmations). I think it would be easy for you to find some information on the role of IT and digital things there.

Also, if you don't have a lot of info on PwC. I would just research other professional services firms. The big four is very much like a conglomerate of services firms.

Just think, the do audits, tax, strategic consulting, managements consulting, transaction advisory services, corporate finance, bring companies public, risk assurance, etc.

If you looked at the digital applications at places such as Goldman and the Boston Consulting Group, you would probably find things applicable to PwC. PwC literally does everything.

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Nov 7, 2014 - 3:07pm

You kind of eluded to it, but PwC (along with most if not all the Big 4) have industry breakouts ( verticals) and also functional breakouts (horizontals). For the horizontals think stuff like Technology consulting, Risk, People & Change, Digital, Ops (which itself is a large and has further breakdowns within it).

In terms of how it works, its a bit of a mixture, some people are assigned to both an industry and function (e.g. Banking & Capital Markets - Risk Consulting), but some functions aren't big enough to split into different industry niches, so they'll just have one group that serves xIndustry. I know their Pricing group is kind of like that, and I think Digital is as well but not 100% sure


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Nov 10, 2014 - 5:43am

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