Question about getting SA offers from BB/prestigous botiques

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I had a question about the specific recruiting process for juniors trying to get SA offers from bulge bracket firms or prestigious boutiques.

Generally, to get a 1st round interview you need to overcome certain cutoffs right? Would a 3.8 econ major/math minor from a 2nd tier target (think Dartmouth, Duke, Columbia) with one internship at a decent but not impressive middle market boutique usually get 1st round interviews at all the top BBs/boutiques?

From there, getting a SA offer is basically how well you perform in the interviews and your resume/stats are not really relevant anymore. Is this correct?

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Jun 18, 2009

You're screwed.

Jun 18, 2009

there is still some randomness in terms of who gets selected for 1st rd. i've seen friends with almost 4.0 GPA and BB IB experiences not offered 1st rds at some banks. but then again, recruiting this fall might be much better than last fall.

Jun 18, 2009

If there are two candidates, each of whom made it through the first and even second rounds. Then the 3rd round, superday, comes, and both perform well, but there is only one spot available - will you choose the student a 3.2 from a 2nd tier with little experience, or the student with a 3.85 from a direct Target who has more relevant analytical experience? Is this scenario likely, maybe not, but never make the mistake of assuming that resume/stats only count to get you in the door - the aftermath of a superday is endless discussions on candidates, and they are taking everything into consideration.

A 3.8 from one of the schools you listed is definitely strong enough to get you in the door, in general, but you can never tell. The analysts first looking at your resumes (because VPs, MDs, etc will usually not be looking at anyone's resumes for an SA position) will only glance for maybe 30 seconds to a minute per resume, on average - different thing pop out to different people. I think your approach should be to network a bit, try to get your resume in a few hands, and then formally submit it as well so it's already moving through the channels - the more eyes who see your resume, the better your chances.

Lastly, don't assume that because you are attending a good school (as listed above), that you will be able to get an interview everywhere. Treat every submission with consideration and realize right off the bat, that you probably won't get first rounds everywhere, and definitely won't make it to every superday (if you do, that's just a bonus). Best of luck.

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Jun 18, 2009

Yea, if you keep up your stats you'll get multiple SA first round interviews.

Jun 18, 2009