Questions about ECM, IBD, and ER

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I apologize if these questions are superficial or dumb or they are asked before. I did the search but couldn't find any response that I'm looking for.

  1. I have seen that people were saying ECM is the syndicate between IBD and S&T. Isn't ECM, along with DCM, LFG, M&A, other product groups, and industry groups, compose the entire "IBD"?
  2. People were saying that they had an interview for ECM. How did they apply for just ECM?
  3. I know that ER and IBD are on different sides of the Wall. Other than that, how do they differ in valuations? What kind of data do they gather and what kind of information do they look for from those data?

Thanks for the time. I appreciate all the comments!

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Jun 14, 2009