Quick Question: Does being a "Partner" of a firm mean you are some sort of an owner of the company?

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For example if you look at the Partner of the PwC office in Morocco. Are those partners really an owner of that company? Does the trade license of that PwC have the partner's name imprinted?

Or is "partner" just a designation attached to key individuals in a firm?

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May 31,2015

I couldn't tell you about PwC in Morocco or an imprinted name, but in the US and Europe, yes, partner almost always means some sort of ownership position. I know in some US law firms there are equity partners who own an underlying interest in the entity and something like a revenue partner (name?) who owns a specific piece of the distributions and not equity in the entity (or something along those lines, I'm not 100% sure-lawyers are odd ducks).

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May 31,2015