Reaching career goal - experience as Property Manager and Mortgage Broker

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I'd appreciate your thoughts about how to reach my career goal. In 7-8 years I'd like to open CRE private equity fund which invests in add-value properties.

In order to learn this business I believe one should learn RE from the ground and thus, I've been working as a PM for about 2 years in NYC while completing my BA finance, minoring RE and economics, degree in a medicore school (3.85 GPA, I'll finish in May 2020). In order to transfer to the financial side of RE, I found an internship at a large CRE sales brokerage company as a mortgage analyst (earning minimum wage in comparison to my PM job where I earned almost triple than that).

After reading many discussions for best path to work in REPE it seems as the best way is through IB. - Do you think that with this kind of experience I have a chance?
Also, I'm investor myself - own a property outside the US and own two duplexes in PA.

Would you suggest for me to stay with the current intership or look for another job - if so, which one? Although the question is pretty vague, I'm open to do anything in order to get the to right experience.

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May 16, 2019


May 16, 2019

As far as your current role goes, one option may be to find an analyst role with a different shop (or get promoted to full analyst at current firm).. An analyst on a producing mortgage brokerage team can make decent money. While you're underwriting deals etc, the banker will hopefully take you to meetings with principals and you can learn from them and network. You also can network with lenders in that role, who know even more principals.

May 16, 2019

Thanks for commenting. I will have the option to stay at the current place, although I am not sure if it is sufficient enough for future REPE. What do you think? What might make me a strong candidate in the future?

May 20, 2019
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