Real Estate after full time job?

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My "dream" job is working in commercial RE at JP Morgan. Unfortunately, they're not hiring for any full time positions and I am graduating undergrad this year.

Can't apply now because nothing is open but it seems that everyone who works at JPM started there as an analyst straight out of college. Any thoughts/advice anything on this topic appreciated!

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Nov 16, 2017

It's definitely feasible, and regardless it doesn't sound like you have any other options.

My guess though is that after a year or so you'll realize that the only people naive enough to care about the brand they work for are undergrads who jerk off to Linkedin, and that who you work with and, you know, what you actually do, is far more important.

Nov 16, 2017

brand matters, but experience gets you comfortable to go after those roles a year or two down the line. i would rather hire someone with 1 yr experience coming from a shitty re shop than someone out of undergrad with no experience or relevant internships

Nov 18, 2017

no. he was implying experience triumphs brand, especially when starting out.

Nov 16, 2017

Yes. I know people that started even in brokerage and switched to JPM equity team after one year. Timing is everything. If it's not there now, it could be in a year or even earlier. Most important thing is to network and stay in front of the team so that when a spot does open up, your first in line to take a crack at the opportunity.

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