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Feb 8, 2020

If you search in the search bar there's a thread with hella podcast recommendations. Leading voices is prob my fav.

Feb 8, 2020

More of a dog person myself

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Feb 8, 2020

Behind the Bricks - check out the episode with Josh Zegen
Leading Voices
Youtube - Investors Archive. Lots of Jon Gray, Sam Zell, Barry Sternlicht content
Barry Sternlicht on the Mindbodygreen podcast

Feb 8, 2020

Invest like the best is an overall fantastic podcast with some really great real estate episodes.

Feb 8, 2020

Leading Voices is great. Some of the episodes are a bit dry based on the guest, but many of them are really interesting as well. As a MF development guy, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode on Lyric

Feb 8, 2020

RCLCO has a decent show as well.

Feb 8, 2020

The Commercial Real Estate Show. Touches on all commercial property types.

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Feb 19, 2020

I second this!

Feb 12, 2020

This guy interviewed my brother the other day but none of his interviews are posted yet. He has some semi-decent videos posted now though.

Feb 12, 2020


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Apr 25, 2020

Hey bro, check out the Bigger Pockets Podcast! You can learn to use the BRRRR merhod to achieve financial independence!


Apr 28, 2020