Remember only getting new clothes when you'd grow out of them as a kid?

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For those of you who grew up in middle or lower class families, you'll probably be familiar with this one.

You want new shoes to be the cool kid on the playground, you go to the store with your mom, something catches your eye, and you ask your mom to get you these fresh kicks. "Do your shoes still fit?" If so, we're not getting anything new until you grow out of them.

Looking back on my childhood it was like this with everything. Clothes, skates, even my sister's bright pink bike was handed down to me until it was no longer usable. Then it was re-gifted to someone else.

Anyway, I was reading this article and thought it was a neat idea and I'm surprised nobody has thought of this sooner. Basically, there now exist clothes which are designed to "stretch" significantly and accommodate your growing child. Now, most of us on WSO aren't probably thinking about kids at the moment, but when I saw this article it really reminded me of a problem that's existed for as long as humans have been around (and wearing clothes).

Good to know that when we have kids, we can save even more by applying the same rules as our parents yet more effectively. "Does it still fit? ...What about now?"

Now all we need is clothes which change in style and color completely and we can just own the same few articles our entire lives...

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Jul 20, 2017